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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Winter, Sigh

Not much going on here now.  Its winter we had about 6 inches of snow and its still here 3 weeks later.  I'm about sick of it.  I really need to do something about being stuck here all winter.  I make plans every year and think it will be fine.  But its not.  I hate being stuck inside and I cant go outside when its that cold cause I can't breathe.
(but we have partridges and they don't seem to mind the cold. 
 Or the grain Neil spills)

Paint class has been fun, we got one more class and then its over, I think she is starting up again in January and I will go then as well.  Might as well as I am just starting to like my pictures.  Also been going to craft nights at the library and that is good too, nice to get out and see a different crowd.
(we did trees, mine is the right side and I hate the round trees, otherwise its cool)

(Ha I painted this on the table, looks better than any canvas I have painted)

(and the latest one, still working on it)

Otherwise horses are turned out and will be probly till February or March now cause its so miserable already and I can't see it changing a whole lot.  Which sucks.  I tried to find a boarding barn nearby I could ride but no where within an hour and a half.  I could haul but when the high is -15 I have no desire to its just work.
(yay out!  Pally, Rayne and Jax)

(George and Jess making a run for it)

(Nita Razz and Easy last out)

(kinda weird having 8 horses out there, almost overwhelming)

Cows are all weaned, we are feeding already even though its way to early, we are gonna have to buy more feed.  Calves are all sold and in their new homes, we did something different this year and sold them ahead of time and it seemed to work OK, was nice no need to order trucks they just showed up. Even though they were about 40 pounds heavier than we guessed at.   Bulls are home and being a pest, specially when the gate is left open and they wander around the yard.  We are looking at buying cows again and sales are on Saturdays so hopefully sometime soon we will have a bunch of new ones.
Me and Jess and Neil and George helpin the neighbor)

(our heifer calves)

(the steers)

Our local craft sale in on Friday and so I have a bunch of jams and bath items and a few sewing and wood projects as well.  I'm hoping to sell out but I doubt that's possible haha.  Oh well gave me something to work on, although I wish I could use my woodshop more but its too cold in there cause when I work I gotta have the door open.  Another item for my wish list.  I did get business cards and they are so cool!  I really love them haha and I got a car magnet cause it was super cheap at checkout. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

My Birthday Ride and Rayne

Well it was my birthday today and so I got to do whatever I wanted. Since I was feeling a lot better today finally.  Turns out there was about 6 people who got sick after the party on Sunday, noone wants to say who was sick then and I don't blame them lol.   Did chores this morning and then waited till it got warm enough and thought I should go for a ride.  But I really needed to check the fence in the winter pasture before the horses move there Sunday or Monday.  So I took Jess and we went around it, no reason we can't do 2 things at once.  It wasn't bad, a spot where the bulls went through, a couple wires needed stapled up and a couple posts needed.  But all in all nothing my horses would go though.  The bull spot was covered in panels and Neil plans to fix that this week.  I will nail the staples in and he will pound the posts then I will put the staples in there too.
(Love adding photos to map my run :))

(found a cacti under her belly before I rode, 
glad I looked or I might not have had such a great day)

(Stinkin bulls go right through the fence when the gate was even open)

(I love riding her out :)  I'd like to think she does too )

I got a bike carrier for my birthday I love it!  I been wanting one for a while now so my bike doesn't just get thrown around in the back of the truck and this will work fantastic!

And Shirley was asking about Rayne, well I haven't had much time to do stuff with it being weaning season and all but after Wednesday I think we are pretty well done for the year.  I did figure out she has a lack of respect for space, but that's normal shes young and testing.  She got pretty upset at me the other day when I would not let her eat out of my oat bucket and kept crowding me and of course had nothing with me to chase her away with she eventually turned away and crowhopped.  Just frustrated didn't know how to deal, but not toward me to that is OK, she will learn.  And when she was near me and got chased away when I was opening the gate she ran into me....not acceptable that time I had a lead rope so I just stopped opening the gate and twirled the lead rope it hit her butt and she eventually moved away and I stopped and went back to the gate.  Slower than I normally do of course but I think she was thinking it through.  She is very sweet wants lots of attention so I been giving her a little, after next week I think I am gonna keep her and Jess in and get her ponying and then she can come out and see the big world.  I may take her out on her own as well we will see how much nice weather we get.
(you can see the bite marks on her side, 
apparently not that good at moving out of horses ways either)

(But shes so cute and sweet she will leave her oats to come see me)

I don't wanna do too much too soon but I think she is ready for more so I will probly get her saddled and bridled and long lining and stuff this winter, will wait till spring to actually get on her but lots of stuff to do before then.  I'd also like her to load better so I can haul her to Brooks when I go down there and ride.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Riding and Riding

Well its fall. I should remember every year that October is always a busy month but somehow I seem to forget.  We are well into weaning  although I think we are the last this year.  We hauled cows home from the community pasture, I took Razz and she stumbled and fell into some brush part way into the ride and something must have got caught in the cinch/breastcollar area and it rubbed her.  I didn't notice and she come home with a pretty big sore spot. I felt pretty bad for her afterwards.  I kinda was unsure of taking her cause we been working on so much stuff and she really wasn't ready and now I worry I set back with her again.  Well I have all winter I guess.
(up early to be there by 8)

(we found cows)

(got them in mostly)

(Her favorite treat, yard grass)

(my breast collar fix after our stumble it broke. 
 I was surprised it held, guess those saddle strings had a use after all)

Then I helped the neighbors preg check her cows that was a good day, weather was so perfect and cows worked really well.  And we hauled home from the Stettler place and that worked pretty well too, except we hired a guy with a stock trailer to haul some calves and he charged just as much as a liner.  We sure won't be getting him again.  Might as well hire a liner and we won't haul any.
(someone was here and started a fire in one of the good buildings)

(the house up there, not too liveable anymore)

(so I stole a piece of the chimney flue think I may have a spot for it in the garden)

(the coal mine digger is pretty close to the road)

(they built this special giant culvert/tunnel 
so the coal trucks go over top and don't interrupt traffic)

I also had another paint night and we did greyscale paintings,  not sure I love mine but I did get the shapes and colors in, just the details are not right.  She wants me to do another one this week, so hopefully I will feel up to it tomorrow or Friday.

(she musta liked our day as she wanted to hang with me 
instead of the herd that run out to the pasture. 
 This pic reminds me that yes she is orange lol)

And Neil went to one neighbor yesterday and I went to another and both those worked well too, this warm weather is pretty nice.  Was 23*C yesterday.  I took Jess and we gathered and sorted off horseback it worked well.  Then after lunch I wasn't feeling very good and I think I have the flu.  Good thing we don't have to help anyone till Sunday, hope I feel better by then.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Equine First Aid

Last Thursday we had our last Therapeutic Riding night and since it was close to halloween we had a dress up and trick or treat night.  I dressed like a unicorn and it was fun, so many cool costumes!
(I did my nails in unicorn colors too)

(Our superhorse Ashley)

(The group with our rider 
who was pouting cause we wanted a smile 
and his dad in too)

(The whole 6:00 group)

Then Friday I loaded up and headed to Saskatoon to Lisa's and she was hosting an Equine First aid course.  It was really cool. Some I had known about but lots of new things as well.  And good practice bandaging again as it has been a long time since I have had an injury here.  Well more than a just a few stitches or a rest/time off injury.
(We were given a bunch of scenarios and we had to deal with them as we thought was best. 
 Poor Lefta had a lot of injuries in one day)

(and we wrapped a donut for an eye injury)

(our other victim, lol)

(The instructor showing a stretch I think)

(A hoof abscess and a mid leg wrap with expansion joint)

(Yay we all graduated )

I tried to take some photos of touristy places but its winter and stuff was closed or hard to get to, except the dump oops I turned too soon, and they have cows in the middle of town :)  Of course its a vet college but still cool.
(the nice hotel room, seemed a bit fancy but I'd sure stay there again)

(Pike Lake....obviously lol)

(they were working up the sand)

(and sign on the highway said point of interest.....not sure what it was)

It was cool meeting Lisa too although we didn't get a lot of time to spend together since its not that far we may try to meet up next summer again.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Life Keeps on Going, Busy as Ever

We almost have a sidewalk!!  I can't wait till its finally poured.  Maybe Monday or Tuesday depending on the weather.

And the cats what goofs, had just done chores and Copper is a little unsure of the horses but every night when I let them out he stays by the yard gate then they go out and he walks over like he chased them out what a silly cat.  So since it was pretty nice out I thought I would try to get some good pics of him well not so easy I sat on the ground and he was in my face right away.  Got a few funny ones though weird perspective.

(Giant cat)

I got started on my stairs for the deck finally had a decent day after having everyone out for Thanksgiving.  Now its cold again and I'm on my way to Saskatoon for a first aid course but next week sounds like really warm again which is good I have a lot to do still.  But the carpenter came and built the roof over the deck and I got 2 stairs done.

And the horse I went to look at well of course she came home, rarely when I go look at a horse am I not sure I'm gonna buy it.  So let me introduce Rayne of Terriana.  Rayne for short.  Shes just a yearling even though she looks big and I think she will be big. I saw her mom shes a sloid black girl and I mean a solid 15.2 maybe 3 and big.  But shes nice.  so gentle and broke just a nice horse.  And the sire wasn't there but she said hes pretty nice and a good 15 hands.  So tall it is.  But she was so nice.  I went there with my default being no and she just changed my mind right away.  Very friendly, curious and wants to please.  She hasn't had a lot done with her but is halter broke had feet done and she ties.  She let her loose in the round pen and tried to chase her around lol and as soon as Rayne figured it out she did it nicely so that was good.  Went up Tuesday to get her and she just walked into the trailer no big deal.  I like no big deal :)

 Turned her out in the pasture yesterday and all is good, shes used to being the bottom of the totem pole and Easy has taken protective care of her.  A little unsure of our brown grass cause she come from green but that's OK she will be good.

(The whole herd....
Pally, Rayne, George, Jax, Nita, Easy, Razz, and Jessie)

So she's here and I guess I got a new project.  Which will be good, be fun over the winter to play with her.